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Site code CO_DEA010
Site name Deadmans Creek downstream of Steiglitz Road
Status Inactive
Water Authority Corangamite
Basin Moorabool River
Catchment Moorabool River
Sub catchment Sutherland Creek
Water type Other
History View all 186 site visits 05-04-1995 - 10-05-2011
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Date Comment Bank Erosion Stability Bank Vegetation In Stream Cover Riffles Pools Bends Verge Vegetation Overall
03-05-2010 Eucalyptus viminalis, ovata, obliqua, (quite a lot of timber fallen this year, but a lot of new tree seedling close to creek); Acacia mearnsii, pycanthea; Bursaria spinosa; Leptospermum lonigerum; Brunonia australis; clematis microphylla; goodenia ovata; maiden-hair fern; Rhagodia parabolicaa; wallaby grass; kangaroo grass, spiny rush; water ribbons; phragmites; common tussock grass; Pelagonium australe; lomandra; green hood orchid; Bossiaea prostrata; cranberry heath; new weed gladious tristus Fair 3 VeryPoor 2 Poor 4 Poor 2 VeryPoor 2 Good 13
16-01-2009 Vegetation: Eucalyptus viminalis; ovota; obliqua; rodiata. Signs of natural re-vegetation of Eucs. Leucoxylon on slopes above creek. Acacia mearnsii; melanoxylon; pycnantha; Bursoria speriosa; Leptospermum Langigerum, Bunoria ousrates, clematis microphylla, bridgee-widgee; goodenia ovata; lomondra; maiden-fair fern; tricongene electrior; wohlenbergia; rhagodia porobolia; wallaby grass; lobelia protiodes; spring rush; water ribbons; glabiolus tristus (newish weed) on the increase. This was difficult to read the plant descriptions due to C.Baird's hand writing. Fair 3 Poor 4 Poor 4 Poor 2 Poor 4 Good 17
22-10-2007 Eucalyptus viminalis, ovata, obliqua, acacia mearnsii, pycmontha, melonoxylon, Bursaria spinosa, leptospermum lanigerum, Brunonia australis, Bidgee-widgee, Goodenia ovata, Pimelia humilis,Wurmbea dioica, Burchardia umbellata, Clematis microphylla, Pterostylis nutans, fringe lilly, maiden hair fern, Rhagodia parabolica, wallaby grass, chocolate lilly, glossodia major (orettio), clustered everlasting, rushes, weeds - some spiny rush. Fair 3 Poor 4 Poor 4 Poor 2 Poor 4 Good 17
27-02-2006 Eucalyptus viminalis,ovata,obliqua,radiata,acacia mearnsii,pycmontha,melonoxylon,acaena novea-zealandiae,Bursaria spinosa,leptospermum,lanigerum,Brunonia australis, lichens,Clematis microphylla,Lissanthe strigosa,Goodenia ovata,Rhagodia parabolica, Themeda triandra,wallaby grass, sedges,rushes, weeds -gorse (much reduced), some spiny rush. A large amount of fallen vegetation: leaf litter, bark, acacia seed, pods cover many eroded slopes, also trees fallen toward the creek from the steep side of the gully. When it rains will they fall in or will they assist revegetation? Fair 3 VeryPoor 2 Poor 4 VeryPoor 1 Poor 4 Good 14
24-04-2005 Spring fed creek flowing in a SE direction to Moorabool R through grassland and gully country. Vegetation classification: Creekline herb-rich woodland approx 3-4m bank to bank. Permanent pools when not flowing. Euc. Viminalis, Euc ovata, Euc. Oblique, Euc rakiata, acacia mearnsii, ac pyenontho, ac melonodyn, ac novea-zelondiae, bursoria spinosa, lichens, leptospermum lanigereem, Brunoria australis, Clematis microphylla,Lissanthe strigossa, goodenia ovata, Rhogodia porabolica, Themeda triandra, silver tussock, wallaby grass, sedges & rushes. Weeds: gorse and spring-rush Fair 3 VeryPoor 2 Poor 4 VeryPoor 1 Poor 4 Good 14
26-02-2004 creek approx 3-4 metres wide. Plenty of native trees on site Poor 2 VeryPoor 2 Poor 4 VeryPoor 1 Poor 4 Good 13

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