Saltwatch salinity snapshot






During Saltwatch Week each year, schools from all over Victoria can learn about the effects of salinity on water quality in their local catchment by collecting local water sources and testing with a salinity meter to determine salt content.


Happy Birthday Saltwatch! Saltwatch celebrates it’s 30th birthday in 2017 check back soon for more information about how your local CMA will be celebrating.

Check out the Salinity Snapshot Report (for the North Central CMA) to see what they did in 2016!

Here are activities for the classroom – Fresh and Salty (Aimed at upper primary)

Learn more about Saltwatch week

Other events in 2017

National Water Week, October 2017

During National Water Week each year, schools from Victoria look at a theme and celebrate by creating posters and with local events. Check back soon to find out what is happening in 2017 and how to be involved.