Saltwatch is an environmental monitoring program that helps communities understand the salinity problem in our waterways. Saltwatch began in 1987, and is Australia's longest running community monitoring program.

During Saltwatch Week each year, schools and community groups from all over Victoria can learn about the effects of salinity on water quality in their local catchment by collecting local water sources and testing with a salinity meter to determine salt content.

Saltwatch Week in 2019 is from Sunday 19 May - Saturday 25 May. Stay tuned for further information, or register your interest here

Saltwatch week coincides with Education Week in Victorian schools. Useful resources for exploring salinity issues can be found under Saltwatch Salinity Snapshot.

Snapshot monitoring provides a great opportunity to assess the condition of our waterways at a particular point in time. The collaborative efforts of many registered groups creating a picture of salinity across the state can show changes in salinity ’hot spots’ over time, illustrate the effects of climatic changes such as the current drought, and may even pick up long term trends.


Saltwatch - the Steps
1. Saltwatch registrations are now open. Create your Saltwatch user profile by visiting the Saltwatch Registration page
2. Download a Saltwatch Data Entry Sheet and collect data from rivers, wetlands and groundwater sources
3. Click "login" at the top of the page and enter your Saltwatch username. Enter your data into the Saltwatch data portal.
4. View your data, and data from across Victoria, on the map on the Saltwatch data portal.