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ME_DDA200 Dandenong Creek

Active Region Basin Creek 11-07-2004 - 05-02-2017 124 Site Visits

ME_DDN032 Dandenong Creek in H.E Parker Reserve, near tennis court, Heathmont

Active Region Basin Creek 21-07-2001 - 28-01-2017 127 Site Visits

ME_DDN038 Dandenong Creek, downstream of Heatherdale Creek, Vermont

Active Region Basin Creek 21-07-2001 - 20-11-2017 114 Site Visits

ME_DDN050 Dandenong Creek, Jells Park, North of Wildlife Lake at footbridge, Wheelers Hill

Active Region Basin Creek 04-11-1999 - 25-11-2016 97 Site Visits

ME_DEL295 Elster Creek at Golf Course Pond

Active Region Basin Pond/Wetland 10-11-2014 - 16-10-2016 8 Site Visits

ME_DEL300 Elster Creek

Active Region Basin Creek 21-02-2006 - 22-01-2017 38 Site Visits

ME_DHE100 Heatherton Rd Wetland

Active Region Basin Pond/Wetland 11-07-2004 - 05-02-2017 120 Site Visits

ME_DTW100 Tirhatuan Wetlands, off Dandenong Creek, Rowville

Active Region Basin Pond/Wetland 28-04-2013 - 22-01-2017 42 Site Visits

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The catchment snapshot uses site samples to show the median values for the period over each reach of the river.

More details can be found in the Index of Stream Condition report relevant to this region

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