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Catchment Yarra River
Site Blackburn Lake at the Landing, a constructed platform on the edge of the lake ME_YGR020
Date and Time Sunday 5th November 2017 10:30am
Approved Approved


Physical Chemical Tests

Ammon-Nit mg/L NH3-N N mg/L NH4+ D.O. % D.O mg/L EC µS/cm FrP mg/L P Nitrate-Nit mg/L N pH pH Units rP mg/L P Air ° C Water ° C Turb FTU Turb NTU
Sample 0.07 79.58 7.5 140 6.5 0 16.1 18.2 17
Weather windy
Last rainfall During the last week 8.50
Flow estimate MEDIUM: flow is normal/typical average flow
Water Appearance
Stream depth 51cm - 99cm
Stream width
Litter/Pollutants cans

Su, Susan, John E, Steph


Bank Erosion Stability Bank Vegetation In Stream Cover Riffles Pools Bends Verge Vegetation Overall
VeryPoor 1 Good 8 Good 8 Fair 3 Fair 6 26

Diary photos

No diary entries recorded for this visit

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