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Site code GB_SWP020
Site name Swamp Creek at 246 Harrisons Rd Violet Town
Status Active
Water Authority Goulburn-Broken
Basin Goulburn River
Catchment Goulburn River
Sub catchment Honeysuckle Creek
Water type Creek
Council Strathbogie Shire Council
History View all 45 site visits 21-02-2013 - 25-02-2019
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Last data: 25-02-2019
Date EC µS/cm Rain mm Air ° C Water ° C Turb NTU
06-08-2018 0 5 12 0 0
24-10-2018 1.5 25.5
20-12-2018 0.5 36
30-01-2019 8.5 22
25-02-2019 7 30


Date Comment Bank Erosion Stability Bank Vegetation In Stream Cover Riffles Pools Bends Verge Vegetation Overall
01-10-2017 <p>Swamp Creek through our property is in excellent conditions</p> Good 4 Excellent 10 Excellent 10 Excellent 5 Excellent 10 39
16-06-2017 Todate we had 114.5 mm of rain this month. After the earlier rains this month Swamp Creek did run for three days. All In-stream pools were filled. Today there is a stretch of unconnected puddles in the creek bed. However, most likely the creek will start running within the next 24 hrs. N/A 0
21-07-2016 Fair 3 Excellent 10 Excellent 10 Excellent 5 Excellent 10 Excellent 38
01-07-2016 Same as always. Newly grown grasses stop erosion. Fair 3 Excellent 10 Fair 6 Excellent 5 Excellent 10 Good 34
22-10-2015 As per previous report. Due to lack of substantial rain the pool's water level is sinking further. I noticed a Black Faced Heron fishing at the pool next to the house. This pool is surrounded by high and spreading trees. However, the Heron had no problem,s navigating whilst flying in/ out, landing/ take off. Good 4 Good 8 Good 8 Good 4 Good 8 Good 32
02-09-2015 The Creek's habitat has not been disturbed for years and over the creek's length through the property. Gas line duplication works during the summer months left no damage to the creek crossing. There is some localised evidence to bank erosion by live stock and by earlier floods. Near my house I fortified the steep bank with logs against further erosion. I also created a branch and twig dam by means of star posts which increased the depth and surface area of the pool nearest to the house. Fair 3 Good 8 Good 8 Excellent 5 Good 8 Good 32
06-01-2014 Please note: Swamp Creek is currently dried up. However,. there are a number of filled water holes within the creek's bed. Good 4 Fair 6 Excellent 10 Excellent 5 Good 8 Good 33
23-09-2013 On our property Swamp Creek cuts approx 2 to 2.5 m into the surrounding land. At spots there are aquatic plants in the stream. Its waterholes and Billabongs are many and deep. The creek is bordered by old growth River Red Gums. There are many snags. Some forming dams. When running at approx 1.2 m the creek reaches about 5m width at BimBim bridge. Good 4 Excellent 10 Good 8 Excellent 5 Excellent 10 Excellent 37
24-07-2013 The Creek has filled the adjoining Billabongs. Their entrance connections to the creek are approx 30 cm above the Creeks low water level. Thus they require a slightly elevated flow level in the creek before they fill. Last summer the Billabongs retained their water until end of February before they dried up. Good 4 Good 8 Good 8 Excellent 5 Good 8 Good 33
21-02-2013 Good 4 Good 8 Good 8 Excellent 5 Good 8 Good 33

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