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Site code ME_ECC050
Site name Christies Drain @ Fisheries Road
Status Inactive
Water Authority Melbourne
Basin Bunyip River
Catchment Bunyip River
Sub catchment
Water type Drain
Council Casey City Council
History View all 7 site visits 29-06-2011 - 05-03-2012
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Last data: 05-03-2012
No site visits found for the specified time period


Date Comment Bank Erosion Stability Bank Vegetation In Stream Cover Riffles Pools Bends Verge Vegetation Overall
05-03-2012 VeryPoor 1 VeryPoor 2 Fair 6 VeryPoor 1 Poor 4 Poor 14
25-01-2012 Poor 2 VeryPoor 2 Poor 4 Poor 2 Poor 4 Poor 14
08-09-2011 Assisted by David Westlake and Nicola Ward (Habitat assessment.) Poor 2 Fair 6 Poor 4 VeryPoor 1 Fair 6 Poor 19
24-08-2011 Assisted by David Westlake and Clare Alexander (habitat survey) lots of moquito fish were presnt noticed the excellent verge vegetation quality. Poor 2 Fair 6 Poor 4 Fair 3 Fair 6 Fair 21
27-07-2011 This site is a concrete lined drain with high quality reveg and riparian zone to the road on one side for more than 50 metres. THe other side is agricultural horticultural market gardens. Fair 3 VeryPoor 2 VeryPoor 2 VeryPoor 1 Good 8 Poor 16
29-06-2011 Good 4 VeryPoor 2 Poor 4 Poor 2 VeryPoor 2 Poor 14

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