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Site 2 - confluence of Snowy River and Basin Creek

Site 1 - confluence of Snowy and Rodger Rivers

Merricks Beach Drainage: Floodplain west of EME991 (v. infre...

Merricks Beach Drainage: Surf St gutter, Merricks Beach

Merricks Beach Drainage: Drain alongside tennis courts

Merricks Beach Drainage: Foam St drain as it exits pip under...

Merricks Beach Drainage: Confluence of all drains in beach f...

Merricks Beach Drainage: Point where all combined flows actu...

Mitchell River 'Old Jetty

Jones Bay 'The Cut

Jones Bay 'FOGL Site"

Lake King"Eagle Point Bay Compass Points"

Main Creek at the Noxon property

Balcombe Creek at Augusta St Bridge, Mt Martha

Balcombe Creek at Uralla Rd footbridge, Mt Martha (Complemen...

Balcombe Creek at the footbridge as it exits The Briar's Par...

Main Creek at Staples property

Main Creek at Baldry's Rd crossing

Splitters Creek at Main Creek Rd

Nicholson River Backwater - 500m upstream @ bottom (at fenc...

Nicholson River Backwater - 500m upstream (at fence)

Nicholson River - 500m upstream of backwater at bottom

Nicholson River - 500m upstream of backwater at surface

Nicholson River - Reveg Site, mid stream @ bottom

Nicholson River - Nicholson Angling Club Reveg. Site @ surf...

Nicholson River - mouth, mid stream @ bottom

Nicholson River - Mouth (centre of the river) @ surface

Balcombe Creek at end of Mt Eliza Park off Claremont Street ...

Balcombe Creek at LHS of Eramosa Road, Moorooduc

Arthurs Creek, near Bridge, Arthurs Creek Road, Arthurs Cree...

Diamond Creek, at 87-88 Railway Pde, Eltham

Balcombe Creek at 360 Tyabb Rd, Mornington

Middle Creek, Middle Creek Rd, Greta South

Hovells Creek upstream of Flinders Avenue Bridge

Spring Creek, Fifteen Mile Ck Camp, Greta South

Fifteen Mile Creek Camp Dam

Brodribb River 'Camp Ground Bridge

Tambo River - Princes Highway Bridge, Swan Reach

Tambo River - below the Tambo Upper Primary School

Brodribb River - exit mouth at Lake Curlip @ surface

Cabbage Tree Creek - Healeys Road Bridge @ 2m

Cabbage Tree Creek - Healeys Road Bridge @ surface

Brodribb River - confluence of Cabbage Tree Creek @ 2m

Brodribb River - Cabbage Tree Creek confluence @ surface

Brodribb River - Brodribb Boatramp @ 2m

Brodribb River - Brodribb Boat Ramp (Old Marlo Road) @ surfa...

Snowy River - Brodribb confluence @ 2m

Snowy River - Brodribb confluence @ surface

Lake Corringle - mouth @ surface

King River, Wangaratta-Whitfield Rd Oxley

Fifteen Mile Creek, Greta South

Watson Creek at headwaters in Bramah Kumaris, Frankston

Watson Creek at Lower Somerville Rd bridge, Somerville

Watson Creek at Bembridge Road (just above estuary at Yaring...

Watson Creek downstream of Grant Road bridge

Watson Creek at Hendersons Rd, Baxter

Warringine Creek downstream of Frankston-Flinders/Watts Rd

Warringine Creek downstream of Henderson/Boes Rd bridge

Warringine Creek in paddock at Carpenters Lane North

Warringine Creek at Carpenters Lane North Bridge

Warringine Creek tributary at 5 Carpenters Lane North spring...

Tronoh Dredge (Large), Harrietville

Heatherton Rd Wetland

Dandenong Creek

Dandenong Creek at Ferntree Gully Rd., Scorsby

Blind Creek, 100 metres upstream of confluence of Dandenong ...

Dandenong Creek, Jells Park, North of Wildlife Lake at footb...

Forge Creek, Barkhill Rd - Site 4

Forge Creek, Jenners Rd waterhole - Site 3

Lake King, Progress Jetty - Site 1

McMilliian Strait, Fishermans Wharf - Site 3

Paynesville Canal, Burrabogie Bridge - Site 2

Paynesville Canal, entrance into Lake King - Site 4

Nicholson River Bridge @ Sarsfield

Buchan River - The Bluff

Black Dog Creek, Great Southern Rd, Liliput

Macleod Morass - Outlet

Toomuc Creek opposite the performing arts centre at Beaconhi...

Mitchell River - Mouth of Silt Jetties @ surface

Eagle Point Bay - boat ramp jetty

Mitchell River " private jetty between cliffs & Mor...

Lake King - Forshore at Yendaloch, Site 3

Swan Reach Bay - Site 2

Salt Creek - Site 1

Spring Creek @ Bellbrae

German Creek, Tawonga Gap Rd, Germantown

German Creek, Back Porepunkah Rd ford

Ovens River East Branch Bon Accord Track, Harrietville

Morses Creek, Hawthorn Bridge, Bright

Ovens River, Monarch Lane Harrietville

Ovens River, Harrietville (Harrietville PS)

Ovens River German Creek confluence

Chinamans Creek upstream of Pt Nepean Rd, Rosebud West

Chinamans Creek upstream of Elizabeth Ave, Rosebud West

One Mile Creek, White Street

King River, Wilson Rd Bridge

Happy Valley Creek

Ovens River, Centenery Park, Bright

Garden Hut Creek @ Old Wier Kolora

Garden Hut Creek @ Above Rapids Kolora