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CO_GRI010 Griggs Creek Clifton Springs

Active Region Basin Other 03-06-2010 - 28-07-2016 25 Site Visits

CO_IND050 Batman Road Drain, Indented Head

Active Region Basin Drain 18-05-2004 - 20-02-2017 55 Site Visits

CO_MDC001 wetland near the MDC building

Active Region Basin Other 06-09-2010 - 28-09-2016 15 Site Visits

CO_SWA110 Lake Victoria outlet @ Bellarine Hwy

Active Region Basin Other 24-09-1996 - 21-09-2016 211 Site Visits

CO_SWA134 Bonnyvale stormwater channel near Green Crt, Ocean Grove

Active Region Basin Other 14-07-2008 - 17-01-2017 105 Site Visits

CO_SWA140 Lake Victoria @ Hollywood Estate, (Emily St wetlands)

Active Region Basin Other 19-08-1997 - 16-02-2017 257 Site Visits

CO_SWA145 Lake Victoria

Active Region Basin Other 22-10-1999 - 16-02-2017 190 Site Visits

Catchment Snapshot

The catchment snapshot uses site samples to show the median values for the period over each reach of the river.

More details can be found in the Index of Stream Condition report relevant to this region

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