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ME_YDP035 Damper Creek, Northern Branch. 20 meters downstream from High Street Road Culvert, behind Alvie Hall, Alvie Road, Mt Waverley

Active Water Authority Basin Creek 21-10-2000 - 08-08-2019 84 Site Visits

ME_YDP037 Damper Creek, Eastern branch, below Alvie Hall carpark, 30 metres above confluence with main creek.

Active Water Authority Basin Creek 03-07-2009 - 08-08-2019 78 Site Visits

ME_YGR006 Gardiners Creek upstream of Blackburn Lake, at Pobblebonk point, adjacent to Vegemite Creek

Active Water Authority Basin Creek 17-05-1999 - 08-03-2020 140 Site Visits

ME_YGR020 Blackburn Lake at the Landing, a constructed platform on the edge of the lake

Active Water Authority Basin Pond/Wetland 05-11-1999 - 08-03-2020 104 Site Visits

ME_YGR023 Blackburn Lake at Heron Point opposite Naughton Gve Blackburn

Active Water Authority Basin Other 11-07-2010 - 08-03-2020 80 Site Visits

ME_YGR044_RD Gardiners Creek Trail Box Hill South

Active Water Authority Basin Creek 23-03-2019 - 19-09-2019 3 Site Visits

ME_YSC010 Scotchmans Creek at end of Turner Crt and Crosby Drive, Glen Waverley (Fiander arm)

Active Water Authority Basin Creek 23-05-2004 - 22-03-2020 106 Site Visits

ME_YSC012 Glen Waverley Main Drain. Behind 5/6 Crosby Drive, Glen Waverley

Active Water Authority Basin Creek 21-03-2001 - 22-03-2020 101 Site Visits

ME_YSC020 Scotchman's Creek. Bottom of Valley Reserve immediately East of Regent Street, Mt Waverley

Active Water Authority Basin Creek 12-01-2001 - 22-03-2020 107 Site Visits

ME_YVA100 Valley Creek, Mt Waverley, east of Regent Street, near the confluence of Scotchman's Creek

Active Water Authority Basin Creek 24-06-2012 - 22-03-2020 84 Site Visits

Catchment Snapshot

The catchment snapshot uses site samples to show the median values for the period over each reach of the river.

More details can be found in the Index of Stream Condition report relevant to this region

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