Werribee River at Bunding-Blakeville Rd ME_WWR020

Melbourne Werribee River Werribee River Werribee River 31_6 Werribee River

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Creature data
f. Family Baetidae (baetids -Mayfly nymph) f. Family Baetidae (baetids -Mayfly nymph)
Quantity: Score: 5
f. Order Amphipoda  (scuds, sideswimmers) f. Order Amphipoda (scuds, sideswimmers)
Quantity: Score: 3
g. Order Acarina, (water mites) g. Order Acarina, (water mites)
Quantity: Score: 5
m. Family Dytiscidae, Genus Lancetes (Beetle adult) m. Family Dytiscidae, Genus Lancetes (Beetle adult)
Quantity: Score: 2
Phys chem data

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