Site visit details


Catchment Wimmera
Site Minyip wetlands east side WI_LMN100_RD
Date and Time Tuesday 8th October 2019 14:00pm
Approved Approved


Physical Chemical Tests

No physical chemical tests recorded on this visit


Bank Erosion Stability Bank Vegetation In Stream Cover Riffles Pools Bends Verge Vegetation Overall
Good 4 Good 8 Poor 4 Excellent 5 Good 8 29

Creatures River Detectives method

Image Name Score
Cased caddis larvae Cased caddis larvae 8
Mayfly nymphs Mayfly nymphs 9
Stonefly nymphs Stonefly nymphs 10
Fishing spiders Fishing spiders 5
Marsh beetle larvae Marsh beetle larvae 6
Water mites Water mites 5
Water pennys Water pennys 6
Chironomids, blood worms Chironomids, blood worms 4
Dragonfly larvae Dragonfly larvae 3
Fly larvae Fly larvae 3
Pogs Pogs 4
Water striders Water striders 4
Backswimmers Backswimmers 1
Freshwater snails Freshwater snails 1
Water treaders Water treaders 1
Waterboatmen Waterboatmen 2
> 6
clean water
5 to 6
mild pollution
4 to 5
moderate pollution
< 4
severe pollution
Total score: 4.5 Overall rating: Moderate pollution

Diary photos

No diary entries recorded for this visit

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