Site visit details


Catchment Barwon River
Site Lake Wendouree, Olympic precinct, at isthus CO_LWN070
Date and Time Friday 12th April 2019 12:15pm
Approved Approved


Physical Chemical Tests

No physical chemical tests recorded on this visit
D.O. % D.O mg/L EC µS/cm pH pH Units rP mg/L P Air ° C Water ° C Turb NTU
Last rainfall
Flow estimate
Water Appearance
Stream depth
Stream width

Macroinvertebrate Sampling, Sweep.

Sand.Silt depositional Areas 30%
Leaf Packs 10%
Water Plants 60%

Weather conditions, fine.
Light conditions, good.


Swans, pelicans, swamp hens, mosquito fish, microcrustacea

Ostracod 5

Creatures Agreed Level Taxonomy Method

Image Species Score Quantity
b. Family Ecnomidae, Genus Ecnomus (bandit caddis) 6 15
c. Family Atyidae (glass shrimp) 3 5
c. Phylum Annelida, class Hirudinea, (leeches) c. Phylum Annelida, class Hirudinea, (leeches) 1 2
d. Phylum Annelida, class Oligochaeta, (worms) 2 1
e. Family Chironomidae, several genera (blood worms) 4 10
e. Family Lestidae and Family Coenagrionidae (Damselfly nymph) 1 100
e. Phylum Turbellaria ( flatworms) e. Phylum Turbellaria ( flatworms) 1 2
f. Family Baetidae (baetids -Mayfly nymph) f. Family Baetidae (baetids -Mayfly nymph) 5 50
f. Order Amphipoda  (scuds, sideswimmers) f. Order Amphipoda (scuds, sideswimmers) 3 200
g. Family Chironomidae (chironomids - True Fly larvae) 4 10
g. Family Physidae, Species Physa acuta (snail) 2 10
m. Family Corixidae , Genus Micronecta (little brindle boatman) 3 200
n. Family Corixidae , Species Diaprepocoris (Barry four-eyes) 5 20
ALT Signal Score 3.08
Weighted ALT Signal Score 3.43

Diary photos

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