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Catchment Loddon River
Site Bendigo Ck, Hntly - Millwood Rd. NC_BGO060
Date and Time Sunday 31st March 2019 16:39pm
Approved Approved


Physical Chemical Tests

D.O. % D.O mg/L EC µS/cm pH pH Units rP mg/L P Air ° C Water ° C P mg/L Turb NTU
Sample 1003 8.1 0.1 21 18 9
Weather sunny
Last rainfall More than a week ago
Flow estimate MEDIUM: flow is normal/typical average flow
Water Appearance Stained brown
Stream depth 0 - 50cm
Stream width 2m - 5m
Hazards leafy banks

Between the Sawmill Rd test site and this one, the tributary that holds the Coliban Water releases from the wastewater treatement plant enters.  Therefore there is no flow, only pools, at Sawmill Rd however a steady medium flow at Millwood Rd.  The Sawmill Rd testing is done by Huntly PS students so entered on the River Detectives website but it showed much higher EC and turbidity levels due to stagnant water but lower phosphorus levels.

Diary photos

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