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Catchment Yarra River
Site Merri Creek, approx 200 metres Upstream Keady Street stairwell, Coburg North ME_YMR155
Date and Time Sunday 28th October 2018 10:00am
Approved Approved


Physical Chemical Tests

No physical chemical tests recorded on this visit
Weather sunny
Last rainfall
Flow estimate MEDIUM: flow is normal/typical average flow
Water Appearance Clear
Stream depth 51cm - 99cm
Stream width 2m - 5m


Bank Erosion Stability Bank Vegetation In Stream Cover Riffles Pools Bends Verge Vegetation Overall
Good 4 Fair 6 Fair 6 Good 4 Fair 6 26

Creatures Agreed Level Taxonomy Method

Image Species Score Quantity
c. Family Sphaeriidae and Family Corbiculidae (basket and pea shells) 4 N/A
d. Phylum Annelida, class Oligochaeta, (worms) 1 N/A
e. Family Chironomidae, several genera (blood worms) 1 N/A
e. Family Hydrobiidae - Potamopyrgus antipodarum (species - snail) 1 N/A
e. Family Lestidae and Family Coenagrionidae (Damselfly nymph) 2 N/A
e. Phylum Turbellaria ( flatworms) e. Phylum Turbellaria ( flatworms) 1 N/A
f. Corduliid / libellulid like dragonflies - various families (spider mud eye) 5 N/A
f. Family Lymnaeidae (lim nay ids - snail) f. Family Lymnaeidae (lim nay ids - snail) 1 N/A
g. Family Chironomidae (chironomids - True Fly larvae) 3 N/A
g. Family Physidae, Species Physa acuta (snail) 1 N/A
g. Order Isopoda, Family Janiridae  (water slaters) g. Order Isopoda, Family Janiridae (water slaters) 3 N/A
l. Family Culicidae (mosquito larvae, wrigglers) l. Family Culicidae (mosquito larvae, wrigglers) 1 N/A
ALT Signal Score
Weighted ALT Signal Score

Diary photos

No diary entries recorded for this visit

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