Site visit details


Catchment Bunyip River
Site Bittern catch drain, 20m above Devilbend Creek ME_EBI200
Date and Time Tuesday 14th August 2018 10:47am
Approved Approved


Physical Chemical Tests

N mg/L NH4+ D.O. % D.O mg/L EC µS/cm Nitrate-Nit mg/L N pH pH Units rP mg/L P Air ° C Water ° C Turb NTU
Sample 0 7 1590 0 8.2 0 15 13.4 90
Weather sunny
Last rainfall During the last week 5.00
Flow estimate BANKFULL: High flow within channel capacity and in-stream habitats connected
Water Appearance Scummy,Stained brown,Muddy,Stained green
Stream depth 0 - 50cm
Stream width 2m - 5m
Hazards very wet and muddy to site 4wd only or walk

no litter  water very high in drain and very muddy  frogs present.  water flowing from new outlet pipe at devils bend creek.

Diary photos

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