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Catchment Upper Murray River
Site Little Snowy Creek - Bridge (Eskdale PS) NE_LSC080
Date and Time Friday 30th March 2007 12:30pm
Approved Approved


Physical Chemical Tests

D.O. % D.O mg/L EC µS/cm pH pH Units rP mg/L P Water ° C P mg/L Turb NTU
Sample 85 10 50 7 20.1 0 0
Last rainfall
Flow estimate
Water Appearance
Stream depth
Stream width
The testing was conducted on the day of the CMA infomration session. Since the works have been completed the life of the macros has improved immensely

Creatures Waterwatch method

Image Species Score Quantity
Freshwater shrimp Freshwater shrimp 5 45
g. Order Isopoda, Family Janiridae  (water slaters) g. Order Isopoda, Family Janiridae (water slaters) 0 1
h. Family Dytiscidae, Genus Australphilus (Beetle adult) 0 20
h. Order Anostraca (fairy shrimp and introduced sea monkeys) h. Order Anostraca (fairy shrimp and introduced sea monkeys) 4 10
Water-boatmen Water-boatmen 4 35
Caddis-fly Larvae (Trichoptera) Caddis-fly Larvae (Trichoptera) 7 12
Stonefly nymph (Plecoptera) Stonefly nymph (Plecoptera) 8 15
Damselfly Nymph (Odonata) Damselfly Nymph (Odonata) 6 6
Dragonfly Nymph (Odonata) Dragonfly Nymph (Odonata) 6 4
Toebiters Dobsonflies (Megaloptera) Toebiters Dobsonflies (Megaloptera) 6 1
Beetle larvae (Coleoptera) Beetle larvae (Coleoptera) 4 3
Freshwater Snails (Gastropoda) Freshwater Snails (Gastropoda) 3 6
Segmented Worm (Oligochaeta) Segmented Worm (Oligochaeta) 1 7
Total bug score
Total abundance 0 - 35 35+
0 - 200 Poor Good
200+ Fair Very good
Total abundance: 165 Total score: 41 Overall rating: Good

Diary photos

No diary entries recorded for this visit

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