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Yarra River, Scotch College boatshed, just upstream of Gardiners Creek confluence, Richmond?

Active River 02-05-2006 - 12-10-2011 57 Site visits


Wur Walk pond in Orchard Grove Reserve, downstream of ftbdge

Inactive Other 15-10-2003 - 15-10-2003 1 Site visits


Northwest Corner wetland before outflow into drain

Inactive Drain 16-01-2001 - 22-08-2015 58 Site visits


Wur Walk-Fulton Reserve, 70 mts from Drain under Fulton Rd

Inactive Other 17-01-2001 - 17-01-2001 1 Site visits


South side of Wurundjeri Walk, about halfway down Wurundjeri Walk, 5m east of notice board, Immed upstream where creek goes into drain near Fulton Rd.

Inactive Drain 16-01-2001 - 22-08-2015 51 Site visits


Wur Walk -opposite Jenner St, 20 mts Upstrm of foot bridge

Inactive Other 16-01-2001 - 24-08-2013 21 Site visits


Wur Walk -just Upstrm of first bridge over Ck

Inactive Other 16-01-2001 - 16-01-2001 1 Site visits


Wurundjeri Walk- first part of Creek next to Fulton Road, Blackburn South

Inactive Drain 16-01-2001 - 13-09-2010 5 Site visits


Wurundjeri Walk - Pool at Bottom of Raingarden, top of Wurundjeri Walk

Inactive Drain 11-10-2010 - 30-10-2012 17 Site visits


Wurundjeri Walk - Water as it enters the Raingarden at top of Wurundjeri Walk

Inactive Drain 18-05-2010 - 07-08-2013 31 Site visits


Valley Creek, Mt Waverley, east of Regent Street, near the confluence of Scotchman's Creek

Active Creek 24-06-2012 - 22-03-2020 84 Site visits


Valley Creek. First pool after drain at top of Valley Reserve, Mt Waverley

Inactive Creek 06-12-2000 - 20-03-2011 17 Site visits


Ponds @ end of Ivanhoe St, Glen Wav, Scotchmans Ck Catchmt

Inactive Other 14-02-2001 - 14-02-2001 2 Site visits


Mt Waverley Wetlands, at the rocky embankment at the most westerly end of the wetland, nearest the spillway

Active Pond/Wetland 26-07-2009 - 24-07-2016 47 Site visits


Mt Waverley Wetlands at the rocky embankment at the most westerly end, nearest Blackburn Rd

Active Pond/Wetland 26-07-2009 - 19-06-2016 44 Site visits


Scotchman's Creek. 200 metres upstream of Gardiners Creek, in Malvern Valley Golf Club, Golfers Road, Malvern East

Inactive Creek 29-04-2005 - 29-04-2005 1 Site visits


Scotchmans Ck -opposite Caloola Res

Inactive Other 17-05-1999 - 10-07-2002 4 Site visits


Scotchmans Ck -Dwnstm of Park Rd Drain Outlet

Inactive Other 22-01-2001 - 22-05-2011 6 Site visits


Scotchmans Ck -immed before enters Park Rd. Drain

Inactive Other 22-01-2001 - 03-05-2001 2 Site visits


Scotchman's Creek- immediatey upstream of Park Road Bridge, Chadstone

Inactive Creek 19-01-2001 - 31-07-2013 22 Site visits


Scotchmans Ck -immed Dstrm of Huntingdale Rd

Inactive Other 19-01-2001 - 02-07-2002 3 Site visits


Scotchmans Creek outfall as water leaves Huntingdale Rd wetlands

Inactive Other 02-12-2003 - 02-12-2003 2 Site visits


Scotchmans Creek. First pont of Huntingdale Wetlands, off osborne Rd, Mt Waverley

Inactive Other 13-11-2003 - 08-10-2008 7 Site visits


Scotchman's Creek at Stanley Street, Mt Waverley

Inactive Creek 02-07-2002 - 05-10-2002 2 Site visits


Scotchman's Creek. Bottom of Valley Reserve immediately East of Regent Street, Mt Waverley

Active Creek 12-01-2001 - 22-03-2020 107 Site visits

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