Education Resources

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Waterwatch Victoria has developed a range of resources to support teachers, students, monitors and the general public.


Whether you are an educator within the formal education system, or a community group wanting to find out more about rivers, Waterwatch aims to provide material to introduce and guide learners through the key social, environmental and economic issues facing our catchments, and in particular river systems. As well as Statewide Resources, we have specific Regional Programs.

Curriculum Resources

Waterwatch Victoria continues to develop resources for Victorian teachers that are compatible with the AusVELS Framework .

VELS and Waterwatch

The integrated and holistic nature of the Waterwatch program means that the program fits easily across many Strands, Domains and Dimensions outlined in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

Waterwatch is the ideal program to deliver on the major purposes of VELS, which are specifically to develop students that will be able to create a future which:

  • Is sustainable – developing an understanding of the interaction between social, economic and environmental systems and how to manage them.
  • Is innovative – developing the skills to solve new problems using a range of different approaches to create unique solutions.
  • Builds strong communities – by building common purposes and values and by promoting mutual responsibility and trust in a diverse socio-cultural community.


Creature feature


Dragonflies may look beautiful, but they are ancient, efficient predators. Dragonfly larvae live in slow-flowing waters under stones and amongst bark, branches and reeds.

Many Waterwatch education resources are available. Become familiar with our supporting materials today!