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Now and Then

Now and Then

“Now and Then” Explanatory notes

Now and Then, A collection of some aquatic larval and adult invertebrates (waterbugs) that depend on Victorian rivers

The Waterbugs

This booklet has been produced as a versatile visual aid for waterbug identification in the field. It represents common organisms captured over a short period of time at several sites along the lower reaches of the Barwon River in Geelong.

The booklet aims to portray the diversity between and within common groups of organisms rather that offering formal classification. Although juvenile and adult forms are represented they do not necessarily belong to the same family /species

The image background

Water and/or terrestrial vegetation is used behind the waterbug to provide a visual cue to the habitat of each organism at that point of their lifecycle

The 5-cent piece watermark

This is used to indicate the actual size of the photographed organism and is not meant to represent maximum or minimum sizes of organisms found in other locations.

The language

The target audience is “middle years” school students. To encourage reading, information is presented in simple language in a standard format


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