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Across the state of Victoria some CMAs have been lucky to have the chance to deliver the River Detectives program, which is suitable for primary or secondary students. To find out if your school is eligible to participate please contact riverdetectives@nccma.vic.gov.au.

The River Detectives program supports educators to explore local waterways and catchments with students with hands on activities and resources to support them.

Being involved in River Detectives gives you access to:

  • A water monitoring kit for your  group for the year – it allows you to measure temperature, EC, turbidity, pH and reactive phosphate
  • Ability to record and explore data through an interactive website
  • How to guides, resources and activities linked to the Victorian Curriculum (Geography, Mathematics, Science, Sustainability and more)
  • Two professional development sessions to help you run the activities in the classroom
    • Workshop One (March) – Introduction to water science and recording your data             
    • Workshop Two (September) – Discovering the world of water bugs

Registrations for the 2017 school year are now open! Access a registration form by contacting riverdetectives@nccma.vic.gov.au. Registrations close Friday 16 December, 2016.